Home Page for Python-GG (beta) 1.6.2 by JETR NSEF

Make sure you click the Forum button from navigation and experience the forum functionality
Plus this is my first application with gae. so feel free to submit errors and bugs. you may download the source from footer links for personal use

You are invited to Play in Forum and submit bugs. You are allowed to delete and post threads/forums also in Admin section

Features so far
  1. Add Forums, Post Threads & Add Replies
  2. Clean URL support (ajax support on the way)
  3. Login with Google Account and upload Files
  4. Custom Meta, CSS, js, head HTML support
  5. GG-CODE support Eg: [quote]..[!quote]
  6. Full text search Support
  7. Standard search '/search?q=' or '/search/q'
  8. Ajax, Moveable custom thread sequence
  9. Gravatar support from gravatar.com

Getting Started
How to get it going
  1. Download AppEngine Here and Install
  2. Download the source from footer links Sourceforge and add as an Existing App from Appengine
  3. Run

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